The Waking Dream

    The summer after graduation three teens living together in a small town reevaluate their lives as they question their respective futures. 
Jen reconsiders leaving for college as she battles to break free from her abusive relationships and pines after her emotionally distant and brooding best friend, Gabe. 

    Gabe reels from the loss of his twin sister, Ginger, and struggles to keep the promises he made to her before she died. 

    Noah looks for a new relationship as the secrets from his past begin tearing him apart at the seams. 

    Paths cross and come to a head in this poignant drama about the struggles of breaking free.

    The Waking Dream will hook you from the first gut-wrenching letter, to the last heartbreaking twist in this stunning novella's reflection on true valor and the burgeoning of the soul.