of Gods & Mortals

    Anna has just committed one of the Immortal realm’s greatest crimes: She’s created a vampire. Punishment is death, so why is she still alive? Is someone protecting her?

    Meline & her sister shouldn’t exist. She knows the best way to stay alive is to stay hidden. Until she’s discovered by one of the Immortal King’s Elite, and rather than kill her, he saves her. She’s grateful, but can she trust him?

    Elizabeth is desperate to help her dying friend. Can she accept Iona’s wild claims of a guardian angel in need of rescue as more than just delirium? Is it worth risking her own life?

    Eden has just inherited her estranged grandmother’s estate, and her collection of tales of the Immortals. She’s quick to write it off as fiction until a stranger comes demanding the secret knowledge hidden within the stories.

    Mystery, romance, lies & deceit rage through the generations followed by the looming threat of a rogue uprising and an Immortal war. Can anyone stop it? And where is the Immortal King? Has he abandoned his people, or is he simply biding his time?